1. What is SHAREit?

SHAREit is one of the best file sharing and transfer apps. In SHAREit, any type of files can be transferred on multi platforms in just a few seconds. SHAREit is a totally free file transfer which uses no mobile data. Besides, SHAREit is also a “one-stop content platform”, providing high-quality contents for users, including wonderful videos and movies, trending music, beautiful pictures and so on.

SHAREit app is the core product of SHAREit Technologies Co.Ltd., a global technology company mainly dedicated to mobile internet application development. Currently, SHAREit has set up its business network to 200 countries and regions and established its subsidiary corporation in India, where it holds offices in New Delhi and Bangalore. To serve more than 1.5 billion users worldwide, SHAREit speaks 39 languages, including English, Arabic, Bulgarian, Chinese, French, German, Greek, and so on.

With the sustainable and steady development, SHAREit consistently ranks first both on Google Play Tool Lists in 40 countries and App Store Productivity List in 64 countries. SHAKEit enjoys a great reputation of being “Nationally Favored Apps” of India, Indonesia, Mideast, South Africa, Russia etc.


1.1 Overview on SHAKEit App

Name SHAREit
Type File transfer application
AKP Size 17.1MB
Offered by SHAREit Technologies Co.Ltd
Latest Verion 4.5.28_ww
Update on July 30, 2018
Operating Syetem Android, iOS, PC
Requirement Android 4.1 and up, iOS 8.0 or later, Windows XP/Windows 7/8.1/10
Supported Languages English and 38 more

1.2 Screenshots of Shareit App/APK

1.3 SHAREit APK Version History

1.3.1 SHAREit latest Version

SHAREit Android latest version 4.5.28_ww updated on July 30, 2018. SHAREit new version mainly undated three functions:
* Lighting fast transmission speeds updated for all users.
* Latest shows & movies to watch download & share.
* All new SHAREit Daily Page.
Click below button to download SHAREit latest APK and you can immediately experience SHAREit latest version!

1.3.2 SHAREit Old Versions

If you want to know how SHAREit develop itself, you can review SHAREit old versions here.
Four old versions help you learn more about SHAREit app.

Updated on: June 20, 2018
What's New:
* Solved the problem of slow transmission speed of some users.
* Added features: "discover"; download “the latest TV and movie ; “share” with friends.
* The Daily page has made a great change.

Updated on: June 22, 2018
What’s New:
* A new home page to find more wonderful videos.
* Added media center to make local file management more convenient.

Version: 4.1.8_ww
Updated on: May 28, 2018
What's New:
* Optimized user experience.
* Updated the Privacy Policy.

Version: 4.0.98_ww
Updated on: May 12, 2018
What's New:
* Better recommendation when watching video.
* Better immersive watching experience.
* More contents on first sight of every tab.

2. Features on SHAREit App

As the greatest file transfer application, SHAREit makes itself outstanding by emphasizing its user-friendly features. To learn more about SHAREit app, let's check out what specific and functional features do SHAREit possess.

2.1 Transfer any Type of Files
Photos, videos, apps, music, and other types of files all can be shared and transferred through SHAKEit app. Besides, there is no limit on the size and format of files so that you can transfer any files in any size and format. Extra-large files exceeding 20G is also supported to transferring by SHAREit app.
You can share WhatsApp with your friends by using SHAREit app. Also, all your WhatsApp chat history, messages, media files can be transferred with the help of SHAREit app.

2.2 Fastest Transfer Speed
SHAKEit is regarded as one of the fastest file transfer applications in the world. Using SHAREit to transfer files is 200 times faster than using Bluetooth. And it is also faster than NFC. The highest speed can reach 20 M/s. Such a fast speed enables you to transfer a film only in 10 seconds.

2.3 No need for Internet
SHAKEit supports files transfer without any Wi-Fi network or mobile data. Wireless devices with SHAREit can automatically find each other when in range. As long as devices on the same LAN or get the same Wi-Fi connection, users can enjoy sharing files anywhere and anytime. Thus, you can share and transfer files anywhere and anytime.

2.4 Cross-Platform Sharing
SHAREit is compatible with most mobile and computer devices so files can be transferred between Android, iPhone, WP, Mac, and Windows 7/8.1/10/XP. Lenovo, Mac, Dell, iPad, iPod touch, iPhone, Xiaomi, Samsung, Huawei, Sony, Coolpad, Vivo, and OPPO are all SHAREit-compatible. You can share files between devices without using USB cables.

SHAREit Cross Platform

2.5 Excellent Player
SHAREit can be used as a video player as well as a music player. Almost all formats of SHAREit movies are supported to play and you can gain a smooth playing experience by using SHAREit video player. Also, SHAREit music player is a powerful equalizer which helps you enjoy listening to music better.

2.6 Infinite Online Videos, Music, and Pictures
In SHAREit application, there are a mass of videos, music, and pictures. You can watch various types of HD videos and SHAREit movies, such as action, comedy, romance, thriller and etc. Besides, high-quality and trending music is recommended here. And you can also share interesting GIF, beautiful wallpaper and funny sticker offered by SHAREit app to your friends.

Above features contribute to SHAREit's popularity on global. SHAREit team is making effort to update SHAREit and more new and great features are coming up next.

3. How to Download and Install SHAREit App?

SHAREit is not only a great transfer tool for files sharing but also a video and music player. Once you install SHAREit APK, you can transfer files, watch videos, and listen to music in the same application. Sound wonderful, right? Since SHAREit is compatible with Android, iPhone and PC, SHAREit app to download is also free for mobile and computer. Before trying SHAREit out, let's download and install SHAREit APK.

3.1 Download SHAREit APK for Android

For Android devices, users can go to Uptodown, Apkpure, Google Play Store or SHAREit official website to download SHAREit latest APK and install SHAREit APK for free. If you want a professional version of SHAREit, you can go to Uptodown to download SHAREit pro.

SHAREit Android Download - Uptodown
SHAREit Android Download - Apkpure
SHAREit Android Download - Play Store
SHAREit Pro Android Download - Uptodown

Want a more convenient and simple way? Just keep reading further! Here's a simplified tutorial on downloading SHAREit APK on Android.

STEP 1. Tap on the “Download APK” button as below.
STEP 2. Drag down the notification bar on the top of the screen to check the downloaded SHAREit APK. And then, directly tap it to install.

Now, open SHAREit app on your Samsung or other Android devices and share files with your friends. If your friend haven’t downloaded SHAREit APK, you could tap the second icon on the top right on SHAREit app. In the new interface, you can send SHAREit app through Bluetooth or create a hotspot to share SHAREit app with your friend.

3.2 Download SHAREit App for iPhone

SHAREit downloading for iPhone is also easy. iPhone users can go to Apple Store to download SHAREit app. After a few simple clicks, you can install SHAREit app on your iPhone.

STEP 1. Tap the “Install” button to start downloading SHAREit App.
STEP 2. Follow the instructions to install SHAREit app.

After downloading and installing SHAREit on your mobiles, open SHAREit app and have a try!

3.3 Download SHAREit for PC

Unlike other many applications, SHAREit download for PC is as easy as SHAREit download for Android and iPhone. Windows 7 / Windows 8.1 / Windows 10 / Windows XP are all compatible to download and install SHAREit. Just go SHAREit official website and you will find the “download” button where provide SHAREit latest version for Android, iOS, Mac OS, Windows, and Windows Phone. You can download SHAREit app on your desktop or laptop. And SHAREit latest version for PC is free to download. Now, let's download SHAREit for PC and install SHAREit on the Windows 7 / Windows 8.1 / Windows 10 / Windows XP.

SHAREit Download on Website

STEP 1. Tap the “Windows” on the above SHAREit website and SHAREit.exe starts to download.
STEP 2. Then click the downloaded SHAREit.exe and follow the instruction to install SHAREit on your PC.
STEP 3. Click the SHAREit icon on your desktop/laptop and experience SHAREit for PC.

Downloading SHAREit for Android, iPhone, and PC is really easy and convenient. If you also want to download and install SHAREit on other devices, like WP, Mac OS, just go to the website and click the download button. After installing SHAREit app, you can transfer and share files between multi platforms.

4. How SHAREit Software Works?

SHAREit software keeps ranking first both on Google Play Tool Lists in 40 countries and App Store Productivity List in 64 countries for a long time. More than 1.5 billion users from all over the world enjoy sharing and transferring files with SHAREit software.
But how does SHAREit software transfer data? How do users share files with others through SHAREit software? Keep further reading, the following part is to teach you how to use SHAREit!

4.1 SHAREit File Transfer for Phone to Phone

Nowadays, people prefer storing files on their smartphone. The need of files transfer and sharing between phone and phone grows rapidly. Using SHAREit can help you transfer and share files between phones in a free, flash and wireless way. Users with Android devices and iPhones are supported to transfer data by SHAREit app. Now, let's follow the below steps to share files between phones.

4.1.1 Transfer Files from Android to Android

STEP 1. Open SHAREit APK on Android and click the “Send” button.
STEP 2. Select the file and click the “Send” button on the bottom. Then the sender device searches for the receiver device.

SHAREit Select File to Send

STEP 3. Open SHAREit APK on another Android device, click the “Receive button”. A Hotspot starts.
STEP 4. After two Android devices got connected, tap receiver avatar appears on sender device.

SHAREit Wait for Connection
SHAREit Connect Another Device

STEP 5. The previously selected files are sending and receiver will receive files soon.

SHAREit Send Files
4.1.2 Transfer Files from Android to iPhone

STEP 1. Open SHAREit app on Android and click the “Send” button.
STEP 2. Select the file and click the “Send” button on the bottom.
STEP 3. Tap “Connect to iOS/WP” button. If a pop-up interface appears to ask permission, tap “Continue”. Then, a hotspot forms.
STEP 4. Enter iPhone Settings and join the network that the Android device just created.

SHAREit Wait for Connection
SHAREit iPhone WiFi Settings

STEP 5. Open SHAREit app on iPhone, tap “Receive” button.
STEP 6. After getting connected, Files is sending and then will be received soon.

SHAREit Connect iPhone to iPhone
4.1.3 Transfer Files from iPhone to iPhone

STEP 1. Open SHAREit app on iPhone and click the “Send” button.
STEP 2. Select the file and click the “Send” button on the bottom. Then Search for the receiver.
STEP 3. Open SHAREit app on another iPhone, click the “Receive” button.
STEP 4. After two Android devices got connected, tap receiver avatar appears on sender device.
STEP 5. The previously selected files are sending and receiver will receive files soon.

4.2 SHAREit File Transfer for PC to Mobile

Still use USB cables for transferring data from PC to smartphones? Here is a convenient way of sharing files between PC and phones without using USB cables! SHAREit app can satisfy your need.

SHAREit supports all Android and iPhone devices along with Windows 7/8.1/10/XP. What's more, Mobile phones and computers can be connected via a hotspot or LAN, and Wi-Fi is not necessary when transfer files between PC and phone. Let's start learning how to use SHAREit on Android/iPhone!

4.2.1 Transfer Files from PC to Android

There are three methods for connection between PC and Android. Just choose your favorite one!

Method 1
It is recommended to use mobile search your computer:
STEP 1. Start SHAREit on PC first;
STEP 2. Then open SHAREit app in your Android phone and click the small icon at the top right of the homepage. Give a click on "Connect PC".
STEP 3. Tap the computer avatar, now the mobile will be connected with PC automatically.
STEP 4. Drag and drop files to the bar and send them.

SHAREit Drag and Drop Files

If the computer can't start hotspot, or you don't find the computer avatar on the mobile screen, you can try the second method by using “PC search mobile” or the third method by “Scan QR Code”.

Method 2
STEP 1. Tap "Connect to PC" in your phone.
STEP 2. Click on "PC Search Mobile" at the bottom of the mobile screen.
STEP 3. Click "Search Hotspot of Mobile" on PC.

SHAREit Search Hotspot

STEP 4. Click on the mobile avatar, then PC is connecting with mobile automatically.
STEP 5. Select files and send them.

Method 3
STEP 1. Click "Show QR Code" on PC.
STEP 2. Tap "Connect to PC" in your phone.
STEP 3. Click "Scan to Connect" at the bottom of the mobile screen.

SHAREit Scan QR Code

STEP 4. Align QR Code on PC within the frame to scan;
STEP 5. Scanning completed, select the connection method, now the mobile will be connected with PC automatically.
STEP 6. Choose files and send them.

4.2.2 Transfer Files from PC to iPhone
Make PC connect to iPhone is also quite easy. But Make your phone and computer access the same Wi-Fi. Or let mobile phone join the hotspot created by PC. Hotspots name and password are shown on the main page of PC Client.

STEP 1. Start SHAREit on PC first, and click "Show QR Code".
STEP 2. Click the small icon at the top left of the homepage and Tap "Connect to PC" in your iPhone.
STEP 3. Tap "Scan to Connect” button at the bottom of the mobile screen.
STEP 4. Align QR Code on PC within the frame to scan.
STEP 5. Scanning completed, now mobile will be connected with PC automatically.
STEP 6. Select files and send them.

4.3 SHAREit File Transfer for PC to PC

Want to share files from one PC to another PC in a fast transfer speed? If your answer is yes, you come to the right place. With SHAREit installed on your computers, you can easily transfer files between PC and PC. SHAREit is also compatible with desktops and laptops.

Before files sharing between PC and PC, make sure that both computers start SHAREit. If two PCs are desktop computers, let them access the same LAN, and do the following things on one of them:

STEP 1. Click "Connect to PC" on the top right corner menu.

SHAREit PC Connect to PC

STEP 2. Click the avatar of the target computer in the searching area.
STEP 3. Now the two computers are connecting automatically
STEP 4. Send any files you want.

As a world's fashionable cross-platform sharing app, SHAREit is very user-friendly. After learning how to transfer files between Android, iPhone and PC, let's try SHAREit out.

4.4 Transfer Data by SHAREit Lenovo

SHAREit gains a lot of fans and especially attracts Lenovo users. Lenovo SHAREit is an application that may be preloaded on some Lenovo mobile devices or Think, IdeaPad or Lenovo notebook computers. It may also be downloaded onto non-Lenovo Windows or Android devices.

SHAREit Lenovo is excellent as a remedy to difficult files transfer issue between multiple devices. Besides, Lenovo SHAREit can also be used as a controller for turning pages in a Power Point presentation. Just open the PPT file on the PC and tap on the PowerPoint button on the phone's screen and the phone is ready to be used as a controller.

Lenovo SHAREit is licensed as freeware for Windows 32 bit and 64 bit operating systems without restrictions. You can download SHAREit Lenovo for PC version from kc.lenovo.com and the tutorial of SHAREit Lenovo is almost the same as SHAREit for PC. Open SHAREit on your Android device, iPhone, and another PC, click “Connect to PC”. After other devices connect to SHAREit Lenovo, files can be transferred quickly and wirelessly! Come and have a try!

5. Other SHAREit App Functions

SHAREit enjoys a great reputation for sharing. SHAREit allows users to share any files with anyone at anywhere and on anytime. Sound incredible? That's what SHAREit is. In this section, I will introduce three very useful SHAREit functions for you, WebShare, Group Share, and Share Zone. After knowing those functions, you will get more benefits from using SHAREit.

5.1 WebShare on SHAREit

If you want to share files with a friend who doesn't have SHAREit app on his or her phone, WebShare can help you. WebShare is designed for a receiver who doesn't install SHAREit app on his or her smartphone or PC. He or she can use any web browser or internet browser on the phone to download files from sender's phone. And the way to use WebShare on SHAREit is also very simple. Let's have a further reading.

5.1.1 Webshare for Android

STEP 1. Open SHAREit app in your Android phone and click the small icon at the top right of the homepage. Give a click on "WebShare".
STEP 2. Select files and click the “Send” button.
STEP 3. Receiver connects to sender's hotspot.
STEP 4. Open an Internet browser on your Android device to visit the shared web page http://192.168.43. 1:2999. Or scan the QR code in your mobile screen.
STEP 5. You will then see the Shareit WebShare files download page on an Android phone like below.

SHAREit Webshare

STEP 6. Click the download button to download files.

5.1.2 WebShare for iPhone

STEP 1. Click the small icon at the top left of the homepage and tap "WebShare" in your iPhone.
STEP 2. Enter web address, http://web.ushareit.com or on your iPhone browser.
STEP 3. Scan the QR code.

SHAREit iPhone Webshare QR Code

STEP 4. Select files and send them.

5.1.3 Webshare for PC

STEP 1. Open SHAREit app on your phone and click "WebShare".
STEP 2. Select file and click the “Send” button.
STEP 3. Make PC connect to sender's hotspot
STEP 4. Open PC browser to visit the shared web page. Or scan the QR code shown.
STEP 5. Then you will see the SHAREit WebShare files download page on PC browser like below.

Diwnload Files Shareit

STEP 6. Click the download button to download files.

5.2 Group Share on SHAREit

SHAREit supports one user to transfer and share files to multi-users at the same time. You can simply do it by clicking the “Group Share” button. Group Share on SHAREit app helps you save a lot of time when you want to share files with different friends.
STEP 1. Open SHAREit app in your Android phone and click the small icon at the top right of the homepage. Give a click on "Group share".
STEP 2. Click “Create Group” button and waiting for your friends click on “Join Group” button to join.
STEP 3. Then Share files in a group.
Group Share

5.3 Share Zone on SHAREit

Share zone is a place where you can share free resources with your friends. You can add your favorite videos and music and share them with your friends when connected. You and your friends will benefit a lot on Share Zone by doing below clicks:

STEP 1. Open SHAREit app on your phone and click the profile at the top left of the homepage. Click “Share Zone”.
STEP 2. In a new interface, click “add” button.
STEP 3. And select videos, apps, and music you like to share with your friends. If you want to add more resources latter, tap the “+” button on the right bottom.
STEP 4. Once two devices get connected, your friends will see your share zone by click “Share Zone” button on the top.
WebShare, Group Share, and Share Zone are all very functional. Open your SHAREit app and enjoy those sharing functions!

6. FAQs about SHAREit App

6.1 Is SHAREit App Free?

Yes. SHAREit is a completely free application with no hidden charge. But if you want to watch some online videos labeled as premium on SHAREit, you can pay for them.

6.2 Is SHAREit App Safe to Use?

Yes. SHAREit software has a good reputation for being very safe and checks are made regularly to ensure that it does not contain viruses. People who need to share sensitive documents and files can opt for an extra level of security by choosing the secure option before sharing their documents.

For Android device, go to setting on SHAREit app, scroll down to find the “Hotspot Encryption” button. Turn it on and set a passcode for Hotspot. For iPhone users, click on the top left icon and tap on the “Share Valut” button. Then all users can send photos, videos and other files in a more secure way.

6.3 Is it Possible to Share an Entire Folder with SHAREit App?

Although it may take a little longer to share an entire folder with SHAREit compared to individual files, sharing a folder is very easy. Simply select the entire folder that you wish to send to another device and then click on Select to choose the folder and send it.

6.4 What are the "Trusted Devices"? How to set up "Trusted Devices"?

Trusted Devices connect to a computer without confirmation on PC.
Check the "Always accept files from this device” in the connecting confirmation box to set this device as a trusted device. You can manage the trusted devices on the top right corner menu.

6.5 What is SHAREit Coin and Bonus Coin?

SHAREit coin is a virtual currency which can only be used in SHAREit to acquire digital benefit, like video subscription.
Bonus coin is also a type of virtual currency which users can get by participating in a SHAREit event. And you can receive bonus coin by doing tasks or buy it as well. It is recommended to login with Facebook to make it. Following is a way to get bonus coin.

* Tap your profile on the top left of SHAREit.
* Click “My Coin”.
* Login with your Facebook or phone number.
* Find the task list.
* Finish the task and click the Claim now button to claim your bonus coin.

6.6 What is SHAREit Premium?

SHAREit Premium is a value-added service under SHAREit. It can download and watch paid video within SHAREit free of charge. Besides, the Premium has an identity label.

6.7 Why is SHAREit Transferring My Files Slower than Expected?

There are many factors affecting SHAREit's speed, such as the Wi-Fi environment, distance between two phones, the reading speed of memory card or the operation state of the phone. Try putting the two phones closer together, close any unnecessary networking applications and move to an environment with less interference.

6.8 How can I Recover Deleted Files from SHAREit History on Android?

You can download some data recovery tools. Here take FonePaw - Android Data Recovery as an example.

FonePaw Android Data Recovery

STEP 1. Install and run FonePaw Android Data recovery on your computer. Then connect you Android device to PC.
STEP 2. Open your Android phone and allow USB debugging.
STEP 3. Select the file types from SHAREit history and then click "Next".
STEP 4. Tap "Allow/Grant/ Authorize" to allow FonePaw to get root permission. Then, it will begin to scan out the deleted data.
STEP 5. Once the scanning process gets complete, select the deleted files that you are looking for and click "Recover".
Now,the deleted files from SHAREit history on Android will be retrieved and saved on your computer.

6.9 How to Fix SHAREit Receive Problem?

If you failed to transfer files or receive files, please try updating SHAREit to its latest version or moving to an area that may have less interference.

6.9 How to Share Contacts from Android to Android by Using SHAREit App?

Actually, the steps to share contacts are almost the same as to transfer files from Android to Android.
STEP 1. Open SHAREit app on your Android device and tap the “Files” tab to search “Contacts” in your internal storage.
STEP 2. Select “Contacts” file and click the “Send” button.
STEP 3. Tap another Android device avatar to get connected. The “Contact” file will be received in seconds.

More Alternatives app like SHAREit

Following apps are some similar applications like SHAREit. With more user-friendly functions and functional features, SHAREit makes itself outstanding and attractive. If you like SHAREit, share it with your friends!



Xender is one of the best apps for files transfer and sharing quickly and wirelessly. Users can transfer and share any files by Xender in any size and format between Android, iPhone, Windows, and PC/Mac. Xender allows users to transfer and share files under no Wi-Fi, cellular internet connection, and NFC. Xender support users to transfer and share files to multi-users at the same time, up to 5 devices. Besides, Xender's transfer speed is 200 times superior than Bluetooth's.


Zapya is a peer-to-peer free file transfer tool for sharing files across devices like Android, iPhone, iPad, Window’s Phone, PC, and Mac computers. With Zapya, you can transfer files by creating a group and inviting others to join it, generating a personalized QR code for others to scan, or simply selecting files to send to those nearby. The process of file transfer doesn’t use mobile data at all and the transmission speed can be up to 10MB per second.
Send Anywhere

Send Anywhere

Send Anywhere is an app that allows the user to share and transfer the files from one device to another using a 6 digit OTP(One Time Password). One of the most important features of this app is that there is no limit on the type or size of the content. You can send any amount of data without cost. Since cloud storage is not involved in this process, the data remains secure and safe. It is a cross-platform file sharing app and supports iOS, Android and Windows.


SuperBeam is one of the fastest and easiest file transfer apps which uses Wi-Fi direct to transfer files. The devices can be easily paired by using QR code or NFC. The main feature of SuperBeam file transferring app is that it allows sharing with devices that do not have SuperBeam. It can share single or multiple files of any format. If there is no support for Wi-Fi direct, SuperBeam switches to hotspot mode automatically for transferring the files.


Pushbullet is a great file transfer app that you can easily move links, files, and more between your Android, iPhone devices and computers in a snap. Using only your Google account and a WiFi connection, PushBullet lets you wirelessly share links and files from your browser to your mobile device. Besides, Pushbullet help users reply to messages from many popular apps including WhatsApp, Kik, and Facebook Messenger.


Users reviews

"SHAREit is amazing. I can download music and listen anywhere, anytime. I love it! That's a great app that works fast. Just a few minutes ago I downloaded 100+ songs in about 10 minutes!" -- Shahrika
"Share it is very useful for sending data photos to friends and office very fast easily. It takes very less time in sending any data. Very useful compared to other apps." -- Sandhya Sandy
"Good app which can transfer files between PC and mobile phone. Good app which can transfer files to and from mobile phone. It is also free of charge. It can transfer any types of files." -- Nikhom Limwachiranan